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Gregory  Register

As the Founder and Principle of Gregory Register Architect in 1996, Gregory has been the leading force of the firms creative approach and direction. His innate talent for conceptualizing complex projects has driven the firm to National and International recognition in design excellence and innovation. Gregory creatively bridges the gap between art and technology and articulates designs unique to each locale - from the majestic mountains of Colorado and Montana, sugar white beaches of Florida to urban and coastal locations in Asia.

Twenty years of professional experience in both the private and public sectors has produced a variety of projects. Gregory is able to communicate and develop a thorough understanding of the clients needs producing the best possible compromises of desired results with explicit cost and time boundaries. He guarantees prompt results, from initial concept to permits. Through his role as Architect he aims to encourage high quality building and public spaces that are environmentally, economically, socially, sustainable and culturally rich.

Gregory's professional background includes; Masters Degree in Architecture, NCARB member, Licensed in Florida, Colorado, Arkansas, New Mexico and Montana..